NewApK»Wake the Cat v1.0.0

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, 22 October 2013
Wake v1.0.0

Android Market : 2.3+

Android Market : Play dreamy puzzler!

Wake a kitten from her endless slumber designed contraptions. Fling across toy trains,

portal slippers, fans guide dozy cat.


Fling a ball across trains, slippers, fans, tools sure reaches kitten. Manipulate pipes UFO toys cute physics puzzler.


From hall , playroom , explore every nook ’s house 90 puzzles all 270 stars. Even coming soon.


Cute, cuddly, , Wake whole family gameplay, well-paced puzzles, 3D visuals.

Game Android Market :

• 90 levels levels way

• Simple touch controls – aim , tap objects

• Cute 3D visuals

• Fun ages


Download NewApK»Wake the Cat v1.0.0 Instructions: thanks shooter

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