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Posted by Unknown on Friday, 18 October 2013
Notes Pro v7.0.4

Android Market : Android 2.3.3

Android Market : Collecting precious moments

Finally best life journaling app devices


Collecting precious moments

We Facebook our feelings; Using Twitter communicates emotionally. So what precious moments life? Note moments in tempting life notes.

- How journey?

- How chores simply ?

- How memorable moments party words friend?

- How create a weekend shopping list time?

- How growing journal baby?

- How doodle ?

best life journaling app interesting journal!

Four main Functions

1. Pho

Using templates nesting 5 seconds a beautiful pho/Pho. There than 30 pho Note from to decorate interesting ornaments memorable words on it.

2. Sketch Note

To sketch piece , photograph, there, pencils pens from Note. a fast and intuitive way .

3. List Note

You on, scribble save info home improvement store, thrift store, craft store,.

4. Rich Media Notes

A Rich media notes than a paper note book, since it` simplicities . There than 50 shapes & symbols in rich media notes. insert photo, decorating your notes expected.

Everything simple write and scribble a piece of paper. media notes, surprise and scribbling than it piece .

Five main Android Market

1. Beautiful templates

There templates, diary templates, nine lattice diary, sketch templates, shopping template, To-Do-list template, Calendar template ready.

2. Magic pen

If you like , especially own handwriting then you can`t go wrong invention Pen technology from our company impressively. Magic Pen write faster, but also beautiful than ever.

3. Powerful -to-use function

Inherited S Pen`s sketch ability, Notes provides variety , different colors, all kinds of thickness , but also on paper .

4. Notelet:

Notelet allows set date from many beautify calendars.

5. media

If style , advantage freedom media. Use different combinations , handwriting, pictures, sketch, decoration and shape .

If Handy Note, like Notes

Notes sister NewApK»Notes on Life Pro v7.0.4 Note; which the candidates campaign App store. with Handy Note, which work-oriented, Notes focus on leisure life.

needs, Notes inherited most functionality Note processing, sketch and many other fun Android Market in.

What's NewApK»Notes on Life Pro v7.0.4 : (Updated : Oct 17, 2013)

bug fix




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