NewApK»Summer Blog HD v1.0.3

Posted by Unknown on Sunday, 4 August 2013
Summer Blog HD v1.0.3

Android Market : 2.3+

Android Market : Summer blog, invites virtual fairytale, where they others fun. T story 5 - 12. told throughout all distinct levels game.

fairytale unique voices. 3D visualizations blog allow a experience children.

Redbee, developers from Lithuania, a new game, in mood holidays. does worry spend time aggresive computer screen - blog, designed , invites virtual fairytale, where they others fun.

inspired t own children; they were testers too! be interesting, but parents - a parent yet, who would their phones occupied offspring…, while waiting a tight clasp small palms, fathers worry content games.

games evil. T magic tale about three children who help Pookumooku, a small forest creature district from nightmares… them solutions afraid . be played before sleep, interactive fairytale, –said developers from Redbee.

adventures summer holiday characters blog. own distinct appearance , so attractive one – Sarah, Kai. Later, if bored choice, able another. There violence game, adventures: jump , run from mini boss, explore. If need a creature friendly, they feeding them – why should they h? blog do, if they fail a task. players won‘t need all over again, would happen computer games.


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