NewApK»Taximeter v1.0.46

Posted by Unknown on Monday, 30 September 2013
Taximeter v1.0.46

Android Market : 2.1+

Android Market : Taximeter,™ simulation taximeters than 30 countries throughout .

NewApK»Taximeter v1.0.46 :

• Realistic “LED effect” appearance

• 50 predefined presets 30 countries ( see )

• Latest presets downloaded from

• Customizable preset tariffs

• Custom preset wizard setup

• Lockable preset

• Calendar controlled (with tariff auto-switch) tariffs

• Minimum fare

• Yards/metres units

• Hire log send

• Event log

• Use On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) speed data distance instead (OBD-II compliant vehicle ELM327 compatible Bluetooth or USB OBD-II adapter. If using adapter make sure uses a FTDI (FT232Rx) USB chip, you Android™ device running Android™ 3.1+ USB Host mode.)

• User guide ( see )


• Avoid being ripped off overseas

• Carpooling

• Family "taxi"

Vis website, , guide information...

Known issues:

There known issue Atrix, Electrify phones running Android 2.3.x Gingerbread software NewApK»Taximeter v1.0.46 s.

These suffer from a GPS accuracy bug, where accuracy reported even though lock. consequence, Taximeter get past the "Waiting valid GPS fix..." message. moment the root the /system/lib/ library older NewApK»Taximeter v1.0.46 (1.8.3), see Motorola issue any subsequent software update phones fixes .

If a rooted phone having problems locks locks, worth checking correct GPS settings in /system/etc/gps.conf region, see ... inent.html., take a backup existing file before replacing it.



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